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Christopher Evans

[S3E7] Evolution

As the couple leave the building, Janey-E tells Cooper that she settled the gambling debt, and notes that they will be using his jackpot money for Sonny Jim. Ike "the Spike" suddenly approaches them with a gun drawn. Cooper immediately springs into action, grabbing Ike's arm and sending it to the ground, where it harmlessly fires off a shot into the pavement. He then karate chops Ike's neck while Janey-E chokes the would-be assassin. The evolution of the arm appears to Cooper, insisting that he "squeeze [Ike's] hand off!" Cooper ends up squeezing Ike's hand so much a piece of skin becomes stuck to the gun, before with another karate chop Ike painfully retreats. Various witnesses are interviewed about the incident, all expressing disbelief at Dougie Jones' actions. A forensic investigator removes the piece of Ike's skin from the gun.

[S3E7] Evolution

The episode received critical acclaim from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, it garnered a 93% rating with an average score of 8.63/10 based on 14 reviews. The site consensus reads, "An award-worthy lead performance among a torrent of quality drama and sharp dialogue add up to a winning showcase for Better Call Saul's continued evolution."[3] Due to his nomination, Bob Odenkirk submitted this episode for consideration for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards.

"This raises the internal temperature of the star and ignites a shell of hydrogen burning around the inert core," Swinburne University of Technology in Australia wrote in a stellar evolution explainer (opens in new tab).

You can find good introductions to the basics of stellar evolution at this Swinburne University of Technology page (opens in new tab) and from NASA here (opens in new tab). To learn more about red giants in particular, check out this lecture (opens in new tab) posted by the University of Oregon. And NASA's exoplanet site has a nice summary (opens in new tab) of what will happen in our solar system when the sun becomes a red giant. 041b061a72


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