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Sizing for the 379x Last:- if you're going to wear a thinner sock - Van/Barrie/Trubalance size- If you're going to wear a mid-thick sock - Hampton/Plaza/Aberdeen sizeIf your size is not available, please contact Special Orders*This Alden product can NOT be shipped outside of North America.


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The original post is about the 379x, not the plain old 379exhd. The 379x was a special longhood 379 that had polished front fenders, an aluminum dash, and custom emblems. They did only make around 2000 of them in 2004-2005. I have seen a few of these trucks in my lifetime, but they are somewhat hard to come by. They have a sleeper emblem that says 379X where the unibilt sleeper emblem is normally found. I have attached a picture of the interior of a 379X, if you also notice, the floor cover for the transmission also has 379X on it. Another note, the last 1000 379's made in 2007 were called the legacy class. 041b061a72


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