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Serial Para Driver Easy 4.5

Dell scanner module with USB driver supports Serial Mode Communication and Point of sale or Human Interface Device (POS or HID) mode interface communication with Rugged control center application. The Serial mode requires a driver that must be installed in your system. However, POS mode works as a plug and play device. As POS mode communication is slower than the Serial mode, Dell Technologies recommends using serial mode communication to set up Dell Scanner Module with USB.

Serial para driver easy 4.5

Can I use the easy driver to run a bipolar NEMA 11 captive stepper motor? Its current per phase is shown as 1 amp. Easy driver spec says that the adjustable current control is from 150mA/phase to 700mA/phase.I am not running this motor at fast speed. The motor is supposed to support axial load of about 4 lbs.Thank you!

I am currently building a 3-axis cnc mill with sparkfun stepper motors, and I was wondering if I could drive a dual motor x-axis with just one easy driver. I would connect the two motors in parallel and run the wires to the same locations on the board. I figured if I used double the rated current to power the motors this would work. Am I correct, or should I buy another easy driver?

After making my own stepper driver, these are worth all the money to just have it done for you. Works fantastic, easy to integrate with, drove mine right from a raspberry pi. Puts out a lot of heat, if you're using a motor to its full capability, consider a fan when mounting these somewhere. The pot is super small, I was turning it with a metal screw driver and it slipped, I touched the capacitors beneath it, it sparked and stopped working. Bummer. I'll totally be ordering a replacement though! It sparked and its fun, Sparkfun. Edit: After having problems while using the 5V it supplies to a teensy, and looking at the schematic, there's no fly-back diode in this, make sure to include one in your project if you intend to use that power!

This is the so easy to use. With the example code from the website, it is very streight forward on how to use this driver. It does get very warm. But if you use the sleep mode when the motor does not need to be on, the driver board has time too cool down.

This is an excellent way to control your stepper motor.But.... The arduino stepper libraries are excellent for controlling connection to 4 wire driver. Some im sure have the delays sorted out so they dont effect the timing on the rest of your code.The easy stepper driver would be so much more powerful if the arduino library was adjusted (for simple folk like me :), especially if acceleration and deceleration timing was also included. I find it difficult to write code without using delay in my project. Maybe im just not so smart :)Tek.

Works as advertised, easy to use, just follow their guides on the product webpage. Make sure to heed their note asking you to not connect/disconnect the motor while the driver is on; this will kill your EasyDriver so don't do it! I loosely wired my motor to the board and it came off during testing and my driver died; fortunately I purchased two boards anticipating I would burn the first one so I made sure to solder proper terminals to the driver the second time around and it's flawless now.

I have not been able to test it with the right kind of stepper motor. The one I have now takes about 2 A, and the driver can not deliver that much. It does make the motor turn, but not at the speed I need. Better motor is on its way, I do not expect any problems, once it has arrived.By the way, it is very easy to use!

A collaborator sent us the link from which they purchased the easy driver. They reported to us that the pins came soldered they ordered the same product. Whereas when we ordered, there were no pins included or soldered. I chatted with customer service and they said they don't sell anything with pins soldered except for one other product. For $22.90 inclusive of shipping, they should come soldered and ready to use.

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