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Matthew Lowe

The Walking Dead 11x1 HOT!

While The Walking Dead has previously shown zombies in a weakened state, the season 11 premiere was the first time to reveal that the undead has the ability to sleep. The military sequence even included dialogue in which the group warned not to wake up the walkers, suggesting the characters are aware of this napping habit. The fact that Walking Dead zombies are now sleeping could play into the current theme of dwindling supplies. Though the worry had been focused on humans not being able to find food for survival, it's likely walkers are experiencing a common problem.

The Walking Dead 11x1

The Alexandria group likely dropped into the base from the roof with ropes for a quiet entry. Then again, it's possible there was no other suitable way in considering it looked to be an underground location. With that said, the dead military personnel seen sleeping on the ground were likely trapped once they all turned into walkers. Clearly, MREs wouldn't have satisfied them as they would need human flesh to relieve their hunger. Without humans around, they could have grown weaker and weaker before electing to sleep with no other purpose. 041b061a72


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