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Verizon Phone Deal: Get An IPhone XR For Free When You Switch To Unlimited

If you're buying a new device, you can get an estimate for your current phone value and order a trade-in kit when you purchase your new device. Shipping is free, and you'll receive your credit card refund once we've confirmed your device condition.

Verizon phone deal: get an iPhone XR for free when you switch to Unlimited


You'll notice that many carrier deals have the potential to net you a free iPhone, assuming you have the right type of phone to trade in and sign up for the right unlimited plan. Naturally, the devil's in the details, er, fine print, for any smartphone deal. But that's why we're here. If you decide that the current deals aren't worth trading in your old phone, you can always sell it yourself and see if you can get more cash than a retailer or carrier offers. Just make sure to factory reset it, first.

We were happily using AT&T for 4 years until we saw the Verizon ads saying that if we switch to Verizon and bring our old iphone to get a new iphone 13 pro, we could get a $800 trade-in credit. Even though our phones were working perfectly and were in excellent condition, we loved the idea of having a new iphone 13 pro and the trade-in credit that Verizon offered.

The whole switching process was a nightmare, we spent at least 12 hours on the phone with Verizon customer service to fix things. We had ordered two iphone 13 pros and two Verizon unlimited plan lines along with them. However, one of the phones came with an opened box, the seal was broken so we had to return it. The whole return/replace process took weeks as so many different representatives gave us wrong information on the phone and could not fix the order for a while. Finally, they fixed it and sent us a new phone with an unopened box, but this time we are going through a nightmare with the trade-in credit of the other phone! The phone that we sent them was an iphone XR which had appeared eligible for a $800 credit. My phone was in excellent condition; no scratches, no damage or replaced parts, so I was expecting the full $800. Yet, a $139 trade-in credit was applied to my order today (Nov. 23, 2021) and I am in complete shock and frustration right now. I never assumed I would have any issues with the trade-in as I thought Verizon was a high quality service company and a big name out there. But this was a naive thought and a very expensive mistake on my end! I would never ever trust Verizon again and I would never recommend it to anyone.

Ready to make the switch? Whether you choose the free LG L413 or any of Straight Talk's smartphones, your device and service plan will deliver more speed and more data for less money. Learn more about all the ways Straight Talk provides great coverage and service with no mystery fees and start saving today.

Get the new iPhone 14 Pro (128GB), iPhone 14 Plus (128GB or 256GB) and iPhone 14 (128GB or 256GB) on us, or get the new iPhone 14 Pro Max for up to $1,000 off, when you buy on a qualifying installment plan with an eligible AT&T unlimited plan and trade-in an eligible smartphone1.

It depends on what you want. It\u2019s true that, of the three major networks, T-Mobile has the worst 4G coverage in rural areas. But that won\u2019t matter to many people who live in metropolitan areas and want T-Mobile\u2019s lower prices and awesome data speeds.Also, T-Mobile\u2019s 5G infrastructure is currently bigger and better than the competition. While this doesn\u2019t fix its rural coverage issue, it does mean city-dwellers will experience awesome performance.Check out this coverage map to see how T-Mobile\u2019s network looks in your area." } }, "@type": "Question", "name": "Is it worth switching from AT&T to T-Mobile?", "acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer", "text": "It depends on what you are looking for in a carrier and where you're located. If you live in a service area that has more AT&T towers, you'll get better service going with AT&T, but you will probably pay higher prices.If you live in a service area with more T-Mobile coverage and you're looking to save some money or want to sign up for a family plan then T-Mobile is a better option." , "@type": "Question", "name": "Does T-Mobile have a 55+ plan?", "acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer", "text": "Yes. T-Mobile\u2019s 55+ Essentials plan is just $40 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data. You can sign up for this plan easily online." , "@type": "Question", "name": "Which cell phone provider has the best 5G?", "acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer", "text": "As we mentioned above, T-Mobile may suffer on its 4G coverage, but makes up for it on the 5G front. T-Mobile has the best 5G availability, reach, download and upload speed out of the three major carriers.\u00a03" ] }] (function(w,d,s,l,i))(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-WG67XFH'); skip to main content Go to AU Edition

Get the Apple iPhone XR for free: Was $500 now $0 with Verizon Wireless (opens in new tab)New customers starting a plan with Verizon Wireless can get a free iPhone XR when they port in a number from another carrier. The iPhone XR is one of Apple's more moderately priced smartphones but still packs a ton of punch and style, with six color options to choose from.

Before I switched to Google Fi, I decided to abandon both my iPhone and my unlimited plan with Sprint. After comparing prices around the web, I purchased the Moto G6 through Google Fi to make setup even easier. Plus, the purchase came with a $100 credit per phone on my future bills.

Verizon is helping new customers get an iPhone 14 Pro for free* or up to $1,000 off any other iPhone when trading in an eligible smartphone and activating a new line on select unlimited plans. New customers will also get a $200 eCard to cover the costs of moving to Verizon.

Yes this works!!! Here's the deal: iphone defaults to imessage when wifi is off and imessage requires data. SO...if you want to conserve your data turn off imessage, you can not use imessage when data is off. So settings>messages-imessage OFF, SMS ON (this is probably on already but just to be sure). This works, tested with my phone and hubbys. Thanks everyone!

Glad I saw this but I have a few more questions. First of all do they have prepaid phones in Iceland the way we do in the U.S.? Whenever I try to look them up, it only shows SIM cards. Also is a prepaid World Phone from the U.S. a viable option? I am a major planner and have 3 months before my trip, but I get frustrated when I find no info or too much info. I will be in Iceland for three weeks and have an android tablet that is not set up with a data package. Will I be okay to use it still in free WiFi areas or do I need to get something for it as well? We of course have WiFi set up in our house, which is what I am use too. I will not be totally helpless as I will be staying with friends and can use some of their devices as necessary. Any answers would be appreciated.


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